Monday, February 18, 2008

Taming the Wild Yeastie Beasties

I wanted to make India's oldest most difficult, most sophisticated, most healthy, most common simple food items: Idli/Dosa's...

I have been putting it off for a year cuz of traveling, one reason or another. It's like making music, you get into the groove with your band and it's all perfect, you get out of the groove and y'all just don't sound right. Same with me and my Idli Dosa ingredients, they're a tough crowd - the Yeastie Beasties.

By the way, fermented foods are the secret to long healthy life, if you want to really know. Yes, it's also about omega fatty acids, yes it's about anti-oxidants, but really, let's all cut to the chase - if you're over 50, you've gotta start fermenting to live past 120.


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