Monday, February 5, 2007

Coconut Head

With the approach of Spring, my system has changed, and no longer do the wonderful Winter lush rich, exotic, deep-red suffused, velvety, creamy, spicy dishes excite my senses. Rather, my body says quite loudly, what are you thinking, and of course, I was thinking Winter!

One Sunday morning I woke up and suddenly couldn't get enough of huge salads and fruits. Gallons of soup, dozens of peaches and apricots, with Mr. Coconut of course, but he has been relegated to second fiddle in this new Spring Orchestra. And fish, I am in love with Mr. Fish again.

Don't ask me how all that works, it just did, about two to three weeks before the weather definitely made a change. And right in the middle of the change, I went through two weeks where i didn't want to eat a single thing. I was always full. At the end of that I had shucked off the Winter vibe (not weight, I am always at the same perfect ideal weight I always am) and was, well, quite springy myself. It was an energy thing.

But there was one aspect of my health that I was concerned about: my hair. It looked dull, lifeless, and had the texture of old winter hay. Weeks of salads and green and leafy means new life in my blood supply, but what else is a person to do. In addition, it was falling out! Ouch!

So I went down to my local ethnic store and purchased some ANOOP HAIR OIL. It was old and out of date but I was extremely pleased to even find it. It is coconut based, and well, it works. It is also COCONUT OIL based, something my grandma was careful to let me know was the only thing to put on my head.

Did it ever work. ONE single application of Mr. Coconut Plus, as I call this hair oil, (it is definitely not your Corporate Fragrance but smells like something strong and raw deep earthy herbal that just rolled up its sleeves and went to work) - and my hair had its sheen back, had its spring back, and began to behave.

After I washed my hair I sat down to breakfast, ate some coconut flakes with carnation milk, like it was cereal. Then I came up with the Spring regime xyz_recipes.

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