Friday, February 15, 2008

Health Month's promise to post daily recipes

I remember I wrote this a mere two weeks back, though it seems a lifetime ago:

For the month of February , self-declared "Health Month", I am going to post what I make each day mostly for dinner per Taste Wheel (tm) (c) protocols.

Then one of the two felines got sick and I was tending to him. All promises go out the window when your fur babies are sick. The Tonk threw up one last round that scared the bejesus out of me. I actually went into the bathroom and cried, cuz I thought I was going to lose him. He didn't eat for 3 days, and with a cat that is dangerous. He lost a lot of weight. Course they get sick at midnight at the start of a weekend. Bitch-vet played games with me ordering antibiotics at midnight Friday night from 1800 PetMeds. You can read all about my response "at another blog".

I cooked for him, I fed him every hour on the hour sometimes only 1/4 tsp some food until he got over the hump. Bought store-bought for me or wasn't hungry. I had professional carpet cleaners come with their van and vacuum hoses and their non toxic cleansers and clean the entire house. I had to leave with the two fur babies for several hours; they were wonderful in their box and carrier. I was a nice day. When I came back the air in the house smelled better. Since I had to get everything off the floor and move the furniture around, it was a time I did early spring cleaning.

All of a sudden it was Valentine's Week, and lots of cooking, baking to do for self and others. No time for posting here.

On Valentine's day I thought I would skip the Tonk's nightly administration of his nutraceutical supplements* - something I have to do with a medicine dropper and he hates it. I figured I'd give him the night off, as a special treat. He wasn't having it. As much as he hates it, he parked himself at the "medicine dropper" place, and waited: his sweet dark chocolate/cappuccino colored apple face looking up, a quizzical-laughing look in his drop-dead gorgeous aqua jewel eyes. (He knows how to use those eyes, hearts of pure strangers skip a beat.)

I hugged him, and gave him his supplements. When I was done he crawled on my shoulder and hugged my neck. My Heart. My Soul. My Furry Valentine.

Note for those interested:

Tonk has a range of issues - bad gums - likely an old abcess flaring up - but he also has some kidney issues due to toxic pet food attack of 2007. Hence he also has liver issues. Anesthesia is out of the question. Infections have to be controlled and his gumz have to be made healthy again. He won't eat when his teeth hurt. The poisons make him throw up. Brushing his teeth, and giving him a wide range of natural antibiotics, and supplements, and food he can bear to keep down, 1/4 tsp at a time.

*Current Feline Supplements:
Separately:*Food he keeps down:

And, if you are REALLY interested... from a HOLISTIC MAMMAL CARE point of view...

The cat is an older Tonkinese male, and Tonks are known for having teeth problems and throwing up. Most vets I have taken him to do not know this fact. Tonks bodies are dense, they are "bricks wrapped in silk" and they do not look like those stupid poster picture from the 1950's of the alley cats most vets have up on their wall to show you when your cat is overweight. Tonks have fur coats to die for, so most of their weight in in their coat. Go ahead, put one in the tub and wet it down. What you're left with is an overgrown rat. Sick Tonks emaciate quickly, while looking full and furry. Even Holistic vets, who should know this, don't, and IMO should be taken out and &*^!

So taking him to a vet is a crap shoot and he is too sick for crap shoots. Vets have no bloody idea what to feed sick cats except to push the Science Diet Killer Korporate foods on them.

So I'm on my own. Food and meds. Healing food and healing meds. For healing meds, even if I can get a scrip for an antibiotic, most Corporate pharmacists are too stupid or lazy to mix down the human grade e.g., Clavamox down to cat sized. What the &*%! did they go to school for?

So, throw out "all they make you believe in, all that you should be leaving"...

Holistic meds for dental care works the same for pets as for humans: Vitamin C to decrease swelling and pain; Myrrh to heal gums; Echinachea, (both types but especially purpurea) for infection and periodontal therapy; Arnica for healing; Fragaria vesca paste softens and breaks down years of built up plaque and tartar (that artificial sugar laced crap they put in pet and human mouthwash just gives you cancer and you do not need a dental cleaning or dental surgery to whack off the plaque or fix the gums); Herpericum perforatum is excellent for oral pain control. Hepar Sulphur promotes suppuration (pulls out the poisons from abscesses) and for pain as well as Mercurious Sol for abscesses. Even Traumeel tincture. You can get these anywhere real Americans have had the courage to burn the American Nazis (Kissinger- Bush - and Hillary Clinton's codex alimentarious) and stock their shops properly.

YOU have to read up on this for dosages and strengths and interactions for both humans and pets. Once you have it worked out for yourself, you can figure it out for the pet. If you're lucky you might get to talk to a human being (not a corporate clone). If you are really really really lucky you might find a vet, or a friend who will actually give you the name of a vet who will help you out with all this. Most friends who know vets won't give their names out, cuz the Nazi's are going after the good vets first.

As for the foods: your pet knows better than you the tastes that will heal. You just have to throw out what they tell you and start cooking and spicing and herbing for your sick pet they same way you do for humans.

PS They say cats and dogs will die if they eat onions. Develop Heinz body red blood cells. Kidneys destroyed. The cruel onion lab experiments on cats have been grossly misinterpreted. On purpose. There is nothing more dangerous than a poorly educated twit with a typing finger and an internet connection who have replicated dire warnings about onions of all sorts being a deathly threat to cats. Only in America. Don't feed it raw you twits. And don't believe anything a corporate lab experimenting on animals has written.

My cat loves and thrives on curry. But that's another blog.


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