Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A word about Mr. Coconut

Many of these recipes include the magical coconut. The coconut has winter warming properties, and a subtle but definitively sweet taste. But more than that, it has a way of clearing the intestines from the "summer heat", a necessary transition to winter. So that's why you've seen a lot of Mr. Coconut now.

Wasn't the coconut considered a horrifically bad oil or fat? Is it because Corporate Food Processing got hold of the basic coconut oil and hydrogenated the crap out of it? Why did they do this? I have no idea, that's like asking "Why is there fluoride in our toothpaste?". Fact is that coconut oil (the real deal not the stuff that is mixed with e.g., palm oil and pawned off as pure coconut oil - that'll kill you) used daily will help you lose weight while helping you achieve satiation. You can Google all about the Coconut and decide for yourselves. In case you miss it, I've included some good links below. As with everything, the amount of coconut you eat depends on your constitution and it's current state of balance. When it turns to summer my intake of coconut milk and oils decrease, for that's what my constitution generally wants.

I hope the treacherous American corporate pharma-health food industry - which appears to be well-organized and legally protected to commit crimes against humanity - does not get wind of the fact that coconut is really, really healthy for you, or they may just get a law passed they have to add - oh I don't know - pick a poison any poison - say, fluorides, to it, since their dirty little hydrogenation trick is no longer an option.


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