Monday, December 18, 2006

Austrian Carrot, Celery and Apple Soup

This is a soup for Icy Latitudes and Attitudes; for Souls who have run their fires a bit too low; for those who sent that question back to the beginning of time; and are still awaiting an answer...

It was originally given the chow-chic moniker "Ayurvedic". Ayurvedic Carrot, Celery and Apple Soup. Perhaps, because it calls for GHEE, which is clarified butter, a foundation of Indian cooking. Perhaps it's not allowed to refer to a dish like this as 'Indian' ("Where's the Curry!").

I make this in large three month batches, dividing and freezing in double meal sized containers. It unfreezes and maintains it's tastes and properties quite nicely. I've made a few changes and decided it's actually quite Austrian.


Taste Values:
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Level 2:
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Health Values:
Depends on your personal constitution, season, geographical location, and current state of body, spirit and and mind!

Health Values:


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