Thursday, December 28, 2006

Breaking the Rules on Cornbread

My favorite topic. I took a short visit to another food planet, governed by a sad species that hits one restaurant after another in search of a life. I am always amazed at how much ignorance floats to the top in that unhealthy food society ... they gang up to force their ridiculous food opinions on the rest of their population. They wax forth on taste values, when they have no clue as to the art and science of taste, vis a vis optimal health. They are as dangerous butter-wise, as guns are in the hands of an ignorant ruling elite.

Their name be Chowhound. My ID there was none other than xyz_recipes and after a certain amount of crap, I told the woman in charge to remove all my posts. I wrote a nice little goodbye letter, where I opined if they took a walk in the Oregon wilderness, no one would really care.

Here's the recipe that the gang took offense to, criticizing it as not authentic. All those who criticized with a trademark-like nastiness - if you checked closely - were part of the Chowhound Team. Interestingly their email ID's left webtrails that showed, from other non-food websites to which they contributed, they were facing health and serious emotional issues. Enough said.


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