Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Potassium Broth

The purpose of this broth is to create a potassium-rich, alkaline, mineral laden, clear broth with specific cleansing properties. Nothing should be added or varied from this recipe, or it will defeat the purpose of the synergy of the ingredients.

After the holidays I drink this broth for a week, keeping my other meals on the vegetarian side of things, if my taste senses are in the mood to do that. I am always astounded at the results, and often fast drinking just the broth for one or more days.

The one day "fasts" my particular constitution responds to, is the one I found in Paavo Airola's fast guides. There are many others, excellent and powerful, but this is one my constitution likes.

My longest fast was 14 days, and I did not starve my body. I fed it during this time, and kept it well-hydrated, judiciously assessing each step of the way, and taking nutrients that aided cleansing. At the peak, I lived on this:

2 large potatoes chopped or sliced to half inch pieces
1 cup carrots sliced
1 cup celery chopped leaves and all
1 cup beets
1 cup garlic
1 cup onions

Place all ingredients in a pot and add water ¾ to the top . Do not use aluminum pots. Cover and cook slowly for about 1 hour . Strain, do not include any of the solids, toss them, this will be a clear broth . Cool, keep in the refrigerator and re-heat prior to serving .

Note: There is no coconut here. Just because something is "good" doesn't mean it should be included - keep focused on the end result.

Source: P. Aairola

Fasting is the oldest therapeutic intervention known to man, but few have the patience to learn and conduct a sensible fast that doesn't injure their systems. There are myriads of fasting approaches, just as there are myriads of meditation approaches. It all depends on what your end-goal is. Removing animal proteins alone for a period of time is a healthful fast, again, depending on your constitution and end goals. Removing acid-forming foods (which includes animal proteins, and many popular vegetables and fruits) can be a more powerful fast. Removing all solid foods and feeding your body alkaline nutrients for a judicious period of time, is levels again more powerful, and not quite for everyone. Or is it?

Cleansing is a bit different than detoxification. Detoxification (which saved my life) utilizes other powerful "agents" to put your body through a very complex process to remove toxins. This is conducted with supervision only, and removes harmful materials and effects of lethal environmental conditions to which a person was exposed. It is a far more rigorous intervention than mere fasting, and should not be conducted without expert professional supervision. Unfortunately you're not likely going to get easy access to the experts, but they do exist.

If you have reached mid-adulthood without knowing which kind is for you, and/or if you have weight or eating issues, this may not be for you. A healthful fast is a personal decision successfully conducted by those have done deep research into this, who have developed behavioral self-control skills, and do not have a history of relying on prescription drugs for any aspect of health.

You're likely not going to get any assistance from the profession of drug-oriented health care practitioners, and if you cannot pursue a fast without going there, it might just wiser to refrain from the idea altogether.


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